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July 19th, 1990 From bicycle / car accident Ron attended the Ohio State University School of Music from 1979-1983. He moved to California and received his Bachelor of Music in 1986 from California State University at Sacramento. In 1989, he received his Master of Arts in Music at the University of California, Davis. His thesis was entitled: The Secular Monodies of Francesca Caccini's "Il Primo Libro Delle Musiche." At UC Davis, Ron was a teaching assistant, a member of the Symphony Orchestra, and a recipient of the David Saxxon Award for Excellence in Performance of Early Music, 1988. Performing with the orchestra, he traveled to Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia in 1989. He was enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Musicology at Stanford University, 1989-1990. In the Columbus area, he was a member of both Zivili, a professional Yugoslavian Folk Song & Dance Group and Vatra-Ziva, Tamburitza Ensemble, another Yugoslavian song and dance group. Ron performed with Zivili in Yugoslavia in 1980. Ron was a member of other Early Music / Baroque groups in Columbus and Sacramento. He could play any stringed instrument and specialized in guitar and lute. (He built his own lute from scratch.) He even played the bagpipes at his older brother's wedding. Athletically, Ron was an avid cyclist, skier and climber. He once strung a rope some 100 feet between two trees in our backyard and then traversed the distance mid-air, enthralling a multitude of neighborhood kids in the process. He enjoyed many climbs in the New York Appalachians, the Great Smokies, the Rocky Mountains, and the Canadian Rockies. Only a week before his tragic death in 1990, he had scaled Long's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. Ron lived life fully and enthusiastically and numerous friends remarked he had done more in his 28 years than many people do in a life time. We miss you, kid. Mom, Dad, Robert '72, Willie '73, Jeff '75, and John '78

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