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This web page is dedicated to all Worthington High Schools' Graduates. The purpose of our Alumni Club is to celebrate any class that has graduated from one of the three Worthington High Schools.
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Past Club Events
A few photos from past events!

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Class Pictures

Class of 1980 to 1984 WHS alumni met with former Cardinals Football Coach Mark Ellwood and Coach Joe Nelson at 'Coaches Restaurant'. It marked the first time in 40 years that most of the guys had seen the former coach and beloved History teacher at Worthington. Front row: T. Dendiu, T. Foster, J. Rupp. Back: J. Horton, M. Gabelman, J. Nelson, T. Marsh, G. Alban, and Coach Ellwood. (Worthington High Schools Alumni Club - Facebook)

Class of 66 gethering at Teejays.
The Worthington High Schools Annual Dinner for 2023 was a success! A video of the 2023 dinner is now available in the Videos link!



Congratulations John Snouffer: Outstanding Achievement Award!
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Coming soon: The New Thomas Worthington & Construction Upgrades for Wortington Kilbourne. More details soon!

Both pictures above relect the designs of the new Thomas Worthington Building
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Worthington Kilbourne graduate directs a new release: Moon Garden
Kilbourne graduate Ryan Stevens Harris ('2000) directs the movie Moon Garden, playing the weekend of June 16th at the Gateway Downtown Columbus. Ryan's brother Luke Harris assisted with the music.'
Huge Turnout at the TWHS Tour!
Thank you for a successful turnout at the TWHS tour, we hope you enjoyed the walk though at TWHS, and special thanks to the staff and students at TWHS who made it entertaining! Special thanks to Principal Pete Scully for the updates on the construction process. Please click on this box which will take you to "Videos" and view the tour as well as other event videos.
Alumni Club Recruiting
Karen German, Christy DeWees, John Snouffer Alumni recruiting at the TW/WK football game. Our alumni club is growing.


Recent Passings

2001 Katherine Christine Simpson
Worthington Kilbourne High School 2/25/2024

1977 Barbara Warner Hall
Worthington High School 2/23/2024

2019 Cole Stevens
Thomas Worthington High School 2/11/2024

1952 Donna Bowman French
Worthington High School 2/9/2024

1976 Albert Kaeppner
Worthington High School 2/5/2024

1948 Geneva Laws Colston
Worthington High School 2/3/2024

1979 David Aubrey Herron
Worthington High School 1/28/2024

1956 James (Jim) Bailey
Worthington High School 1/27/2024

1943 Jennie Marie Gee Ball
Worthington High School 1/24/2024

1953 Richard (Dick) Wolf
Worthington High School 1/23/2024

Faculty Ronald C. Van Buren, M.D.
Worthington High School 1/21/2024

1959 Barbara Harman Ballard
Worthington High School 1/7/2024

1965 Christine (Chris) Ramona Moon Hayes
Worthington High School 1/5/2024

1969 Larry Michael Longshore
Worthington High School 12/19/2023

1950 Helen Marjorie Carrico Starr
Worthington High School 12/5/2023

1988 Scott Wolfe
Worthington High School 12/3/2023

1957 Carole Bach Stoneking
Worthington High School 12/3/2023

1985 Rick C. Linscott
Worthington High School 11/30/2023

1960 Phillip Greenland
Worthington High School 11/25/2023

1962 Michael Hampshire Korstange
Worthington High School 11/23/2023

Faculty Daniel Wingett
Worthington High School 11/11/2023

1946 Virginia Hetrick Dill
Worthington High School 11/8/2023

Faculty Ann Elaine Hottenroth
Faculty 11/6/2023

1964 Barry Bartelt
Worthington High School 11/4/2023

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